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We love talking about evaluation, from debriefs to databases, bad experiences to innovative solutions. In fact, we’ve taught ourselves not to over-share: no one wants to be stuck in that conversation throughout a whole conference lunch break. Here are a couple of ways you can find out more though…

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Hot Chocolate Trust is the youth work charity behind Teckle Data – we are fellow practitioners, not a tech company. We are interested in your journey and practice, we’re happy to share ours, and if Teckle Data isn’t the right tool for you, we would rather help you find that out early on and move towards the right solution elsewhere.

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“Hot Chocolate is full of skilled, effective and flexible folks with a fantastic handle on innovation that is generated from the ground up. They ask all the right questions and are continually trying out new ideas. Because they work so closely with young people in a person-centred, relationship based way they generate insights you just don’t get elsewhere.”

– Lisa Pattoni, Service Development Manager

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